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STAR Youth Ministry


Forging A Movement In the Lives of the Youth

Goal: To transform the youth ministry into an active movement. 

It is to allow our youth to be spiritually sound, emotionally energized, socially significant and mentally mature.  

This is a balanced movement – spiritual, social, mental and emotional. 

Vision: for the youth to function as a FAMILY.

FAMILY is essential to the heart of God.

He operates in a familial structure:

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit eternally existing as one.

It is from this theology that we envision a movement that captures this essence practically demonstrate this in their everyday lives.

Through devout and diligent study and teaching the Word of God we wow: 



1.    To teach the doctrines of Christianity and the standards of Christian behavior as revealed in the bible


2.    To lay the foundation and begin the development of Christian character in young children


3.    To seek the salvation of the unsaved and the sanctification of believers


4.    To foster a progressive and continuous development of Christ-like character, attitudes, and habits 


5.    To lead to the discovery of a Christian philosophy of life, and the biblical interpretation of the universe


6.    To help the home to become more effective in teaching the Christian faith


7.    To influence strongly in favor of church membership and to train for service


8.    To reach the largest possible number of people for Christ and the church


Sunday School


Online at 9:00am 


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Teen Empowerment